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If you are looking for your next marketing venture, and a unique one at that, why not consider an online brochure or magazine with trackable advertising. it’s a good way of getting your company profile to the masses via an e-shot, I am sure you will agree this is digital arena is perfect for a tight marketing budget, 1975 specialise in online magazines and have won awards for inside networks from dma awards 2010, Vishnu’s background was mainly from printed magazines over the last decade for clients such as Saab and Grazia, with everything exploding digitally on the iPad and mobile devices it’s an exciting time for publishing and the whole media landscape is changing, so why not get on board and produce your own online magazines and publish them to the world.

Why not take a look for yourself: http://insidenetworks.clikpages.co.uk/dec13



14 November 2011 Posted By : Vishnu Joory 0 Comments

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